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Motoring Advice

Need to find out how to purchase that personalised number plate or how to declare your car as SORN?  You’ll find answers to this and a whole lot more:  driver licensing, buying and selling a vehicle, personalised number plates, road safety, new and learner drivers, owning a vehicle, taxing your vehicle online, the facts about vehicle crime, etc.

MOT Validation

Thinking of buying a second-hand car and want to check the validity of the vehicle's MOT certificate?  Perform the check online and find out more about the work of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).



Road Traffic Monitor

This FREE service is aimed at giving you live traffic news and information throughout the UK. Frixo specialises in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you're about to make a journey or are out and about using their mobile service.

 Personalised Number Plates at National Numbers

Number Plates

Need a new set of number plates or a personalised registration number for your vehicle?  This website has everything you need; browse and order online from the comfort of your armchair.



Car Specifications
and Valuations


Thinking of replacing your car with a new or a second-hand model?  Do your research online:  get your own car valued; find out used car values and vehicle specifications; etc.  This website is an essential tool for the armchair researcher and will ensure you “know your stuff” when you go out to make a purchase.

Click Here to 

shop at eBay.co.uk

Find a

Need to source a new or a second-hand vehicle but can’t quite find what you would really like at a competitive price?  Search online for greater choice and comfort.


Find a Classic Car

Need to source a rare or unusual classic car but can’t quite find what you would really want?  Search online for greater choice and comfort.

Classic Car Parts

The place to buy and sell all your classic and vintage car parts, products, and restoration services. ClassicCarama caters for classic, historic, vintage, Edwardian and veteran cars; right up to the modern classics of today.

Quick Oil Change

Need a quicker, easier oil change?  Dump your sump plug and purchase a Quick Valve (over 7 million sold worldwide). Suitable for cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles.



Motor Racing

Do you enjoy motor sport?  Why not visit the hill climbs at Shelsley Walsh (the oldest motor sport venue in the world) or at Loton Park?  You’ll see and experience all the fun of the races from pit lane to track-side; there’s something for all the family and it’s all only a short drive from Ludlow.

Sports Photography

Rhodopsin Photography are a member of the Sports Journalists Association.  They specialise in sports photography for use in all forms of publication including magazines, programmes, books and websites; they regularly cover motor racing events at Shelsley Walsh and Loton Park.


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